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Jesse is an expert in the difficult field of Weaponcraft. His years of training with the US military, AIM, Gunsite, The Bulwarks, and others has placed him in many challenging situations of which he has performed admirably. Jesse served in the US Army as an MP for eight years before being retired due to injury. Some of his jobs consisted of PSD, Convoy Security, Corrections, Force Protection, Quick Reaction Force and Route Clearing and Security. He is also the founder of Raven Defense where he teaches armed self-defense and defensive mindset for everyday Americans.
After being on both ends of the rifle more than once, he brings real world experience to training. The most notable gunfight, The Palm Sunday Ambush on March 20, 2005. With 5/1 odds mistakes couldn’t be made. Contact Jesse at
• Defensive Weaponscraft rifle and pistol
• Hundreds of hours training with multiple weapons and tactics – US Army
• Defensive Handgun Three – The American Institute of Marksmanship
• Defensive Handgun Four – The American Institute of Marksmanship
• Tactics of the Self-Defense Pistol
• Defensive Mindset training
• KY DOCJT CCDW Instructor
• Certified NRA Pistol Instructor
• Certified NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor
• Studies in Counter Terrorism and Tactics with AMU
• 8 years as a Military Police
• Combat experience in and around Baghdad, Iraq with multiple combat engagements and a year in Guantanamo Bay Cuba at Camp Delta Detention Center
• Gunsite Academy Graduate

My background experience consists of Basic Combat Training, Basic/Advanced Rifle Marksmanship, Close Quarter Marksmanship, SFAUC (Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat), Rangemaster, First Aid, Combat
Medical Training (68W), TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care), Airborne, Air Assault, Jumpmaster, Rappel Master, Primary Leadership Development Course, BNCOC (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course), ANCOC (Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course), Winter/Summer Basic Mountaineering,Winter/Summer Assault Climber, Modern Army Combatives Levels 1-4 (Brigade Master Trainer), 35P Cryptologic Linguist (Spanish Level 2+, 3).  I have worked for the Kentucky Army National Guard for 22 years as a Medic and Cryptologic Linguist.  I have held the positions of Squad Leader, SOT-A Team Leader (Special Operations Team-Alpha), Detachment Sergeant (Platoon Sergeant), and 1SG (First Sergeant).  I am currently the Detachment NCOIC of
the Kentucky SARTS (Mobilization Close Quarter Battle and Marksmanship Training and Competition Team). I have been a member of the Marksmanship Competition team for two years.  I have obtained a Bronze Excellence in Competition badge for pistol and rifle. I have deployed with the 20th SFG(A) on numerous occasions to include linguistic support to NATO exercises and Medical exercises to Ecuador (3 times) and Argentina as well as CONUS deployment to secure the International Airport in support of Operation Noble
Eagle.  I have been on combat tours to Afghanistan (2012-2013) and Iraq (2010-2011) Operations Enduring Freedom/New Dawn.  I was certified by the FAA as a baggage inspector deployed to an international airport as armed anti-terrorist security at the security gate.

I have also worked for the Kentucky Counterdrug Organization, Joint Support Operations for 20 years.  Joint Support Operations conducts clandestine counter-narcotics reconnaissance in support of local, state and federal law enforcement in the state of Kentucky to include City Police Departments, numerous
Sheriff Departments, FBI, DEA, CIA, Secret Service and the U.S. Marshal Service.  I was a Ground Reconnaissance Operator, Recon Team Leader, Training NCO, NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge), as well as Administrative NCOIC and Budget NCOIC.

Jason Rhodes

Bulwarks LLC Lead Instructor

Doug has a passion to help others live safely. He recognized the need for tailored programs to make the most of self-defense training. As a husband and father of two daughters and a son, Doug understands the safety concerns many families face. His professional career in a corporate environment highlights additional gaps in awareness and personal safety. Doug’s scenario based programs are specifically designed utilizing techniques every audience can learn and readily apply whether in personal or professional environments.
He has martial arts backgrounds in Tae Kwon Do, Isshinryu karate, Muay Thai/Ju-jitsu/MMA and Sin Moo Sam Rang Sool Hapkido (advanced private training with Dojinim Chris Garland).
Doug says, “training for unarmed combat is very important. Any weapon can malfunction or be out of reach, then you are left with unarmed or improvised skills. In addition to the obvious benefits of unarmed training it also enhances your firearms training. Add all the skills you can acquire to your self-protection tool box so your mind is your best weapon – then keep it sharp.”

Danger preys on the unprepared – it is your responsibility to be prepared.


Doug Jones

Unarmed Self-Defense Instructor

Jason’s military career started in 2001 and includes two deployments overseas. He served as lead truck commander for a convoy security unit in Baghdad, Iraq and was responsible for the overall navigation and security of the element while operating in and around the city. He also spent time in East Africa just after the Benghazi attack where he served as the Platoon Sergeant for the newly formed East Africa Response Force, which was tasked with being prepared to react to any threats on American Embassies in the area of operation. He received Personal Security Detail (PSD) training from

Army Special Forces and coordinated operational plans with

State Department Security personnel. Jason was responsible for

developing and overseeing all firearms training for the 30-man reaction force.

This included Close Quarters Marksmanship and defensive pistol shooting,

which included drawing a firearm from the concealed position.

Jason is also a Senior Weaponcraft instructor for the Kentucky National Guard

and has been instructing since 2010. He joined the

Small Arms Readiness Training Section (SARTS) in 2013 and has trained hundreds of

Kentucky Guardsmen deploying overseas. As a Weaponcraft instructor and member

of the SARTS, Jason trains soldiers in a wide range of qualifications; from basic rifle and pistol marksmanship to Shoothouse Instructor qualification courses, which focus on not only teaching soldiers advanced techniques in Close Quarters Marksmanship, but the ability to train other soldiers the same techniques. Jason became a Kentucky Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons instructor in 2010 and has been teaching regularly for almost six years. He has a vast experience working with male and female shooters of all skill sets. Jason has attended defensive firearms training from reputable training academies like Rangemaster and The American Institute of Marksmanship where he learned first hand from renowned instructors Tom Givens and Jim Higginbotham.

Edwin Garcia

Senior Bulwarks Instructor and Range Master

Jesse Ordunez

Director of Training



The Bulwarks LLC was established on January 1st 2016. The goal of The Bulwarks LLC is to help those achieve a sense of safety and security without external influences. We offer an array of courses and seminars for those seeking independence and security. Course range from situational awareness, home and personal security, and much more.



Building confidence in an industry that calls for a good understanding of

dangerous things is something I look forward to help everyone on their journey.

Defensive Weaponcraft is an immense responsibility.

I have had much success and I hope that this site, and our time together helps

to build confidence in your self and a better community to live in.

My private sector activities include practical firearms training based on

10 years of study with the Kentucky Army National Guard’s Marksmanship

Training Unit. Formally a Military Police NCO, I have over 24 months of operational experience in the Iraqi theater of operations. Also, with my current duties with the Kentucky Army National Guard’s Marksmanship Training Unit, I have taught all levels of qualification from basic pistol and rifle qualification to live-fire shoothouse instructor’s courses to both military and law enforcement agencies. In 2006 I was involved on a full-time basis with the U.S. Army’s Pre-moblization Training Assessment Element which preformed training events based on the U.S. Army’s requirements for units preparing to deploy to combat zones along with assisting Jim Higginbotham with the Kentucky Army National Guard's premier "Weaponcraft" program. Many of the training events consisted of risk management and site security and determining the best course of actions for assigned tasks and duties. The Kentucky National Guard Weaponcraft program is a 3-day, intensive defensive shooting course that all KYNG soldiers participated in prior to mobilization.                                    

I am also on the Kentucky Army National Guards Marksmanship Team and have been for over 4 consecutive years. We participate in events from close quarters rifle and pistol events to long range rifle events and have earned the U.S. Army's Gold Distinguished Pistol Award and the silver Distinguished Rifle Award. I also volunteer with the Kentucky Wounded Hero’s organization for approximately 3 years. I have trained at nationally recognized academies like Gunsite, Rangemaster, Riposte INC, and audited many other classes from other reputable school houses. I am one of the founders of The American Institute of Marksmanship, partnering with Jim Higginbotham, Dalton Jantzen, and Walt Sholar, and AIM will always be close to my heart.


  • 2009 National Guard MAC III Regional (SE USA)                             1st Place Rifle (Team)
  • 2009 National Guard MAC III Regional (SE USA)                             2nd Place Pistol (Team)
  • 2010 National Guard MAC III Regional (SE USA)                             2nd Place Aggregate (Team)
  • 2010 National Guard MAC III Regional (SE USA)                             3rd Place Aggregate (Team)
  • 2010 Winston P. Wilson All-Guard Championships                         2nd Place Rifle Match 302
  • 2011 National Guard MAC III Regional (SE USA)                              1st Place Pistol (Team)
  • 2011 National Guard MAC III Regional (SE USA)                              2nd Place Aggregate (Team)
  • 2011 Kentucky National Guard Adjutant General's Match               2nd Place Aggregate
  • 2012 Kentucky National Guard Adjutant General's Match               2nd Place Aggregate
  • 2012 Kentucky National Guard Adjutant General's Match                2nd Place Rifle
  • 2012 Kentucky National Guard Adjutant General's Match                2nd Place Pistol
  • Earned the Kentucky National Guard "Governor's Twenty" Tab
  • 2012 National Guard MAC III Regional (SE USA)                               2nd Place Pistol
  • 2013 National Guard MAC III Regional (SE USA)                               3rd Place Aggregate (Team)
  • 2015 U.S. Army Small Arms Championships                                    1st Combat Pistol Match (Open)
  • 2015 U.S. Army Small Arms Championships                                    1st EIC Pistol Match (Open)
  • 2015 U.S. Army Small Arms Championships                                    2nd Combat Pistol Match (Open)
  • 2015 U.S. Army Small Arms Championships                                    1st Place Overall Pistol (Open)
  • 2015 U.S. Army Small Arms Championships                                    2nd Place Overall (Open)
  • 2015 Bluegrass Crime Stoppers Shootout                                        1st Place Overall
  • 2016 Kentucky National Guard "Governor's Twenty Match"              1st Place Overall
  • 2017 Kentucky National Guard "Governor's Twenty Match"              1st Place Rifle
  • 2017 Kentucky National Guard "Governor's Twenty Match"              1st Place Overall
  • 2016 Bluegrass Crime Stoppers Shootout                                        1st Place Overall
  • U.S. Army Gold Distinguished Pistol Award
  • U.S. Army Silver Distinguished Rifle Award