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Eric's Rules to Live By


#1- "I am not scared to go unarmed, It is just an undignified and contemptible condition in which to find oneself" (not me, but a good man indeed)

#2- The mindset should always be to resist the use of force at all costs. Learning when that is your only recourse is the hard part, but when you do know that using deadly force is legal (and in my humble opinion probably mandatory) your force should be ruthless, and more than the criminal can enjoy.

#3- Do not go as fast as you think you can, go as fast as you can without thinking. Emily Baehr with the assist.

#4: Such as we train the body, so shall we train the brain, otherwise someone else will do it for us.

#5- If you start to panic, remember this, you still have a mess to get out of".

#6- If ever you find yourself in a fair fight, you are about to lose.
(Additional information to rule #7-)( I cannot remember the originator of this quote.. Clint Smith maybe?
"An example of a fair fight is clubbing baby seals"

#7- The front site post is pretty darn important; so important, it should take 80% of your "focus" when shooting. You should shoot every time completely focused on the front site post. Rule #8 is the trigger.

#8- Master the "Compressed Surprise Break"

#9- Only fully loaded magazines go in magazine pouches. Ever ever ever. That is all.

#10- Range time produces brain time creating less response time.

#11- Commonly, gunfights are not lost due to poor marksmanship; more likely the fact is the loser failed to run their gun. What are you doing with your range time?

#12- Practice what you know can and probably will happen so that the unknown has very little effect of the outcome.

#13- Tactical Reloads are the 2% solution to reloading your firearm. If you find yourself in a rice patty in knee deep mud and you havent anything else to do, go ahead and do a tactical reload.

#14- Holsters serve two distinct purposes; 1) to retain a sidearm safely and securely and 2) create an environment conducive to extracting said sidearm in an expedited and  judicious manner.

#15- Being confident that you're in control of your environment and not aware of what you're in control of is a recipe for disaster

#16- Just because its a competition doesn't mean that the bullets are not real. Just because you happen to be involved in a game, callus carelessness will prove just as catastrophic. Watch your "six" ALWAYS!

#17- Never ever ever ever Unload your firearm to reload your firearm....

#18-"Fundamentals and tactics effect marksmanship. Practice your fundamentals three times as much as marksmanship because in the end marksmanship is simply a loud bang at the end of properly applied fundamentals."

#19- Never assume courtesy and politeness is a sign of a lack of strength in one's character.

#20- when referring to building a new skill, fast is not a goal, it is a result of perfect practice.

#21-  It is just as important to study and practice when not to use deadly force as when to use deadly force."

#22- Don't go as fast as you think you can, go as fast as you can without thinking.

#23- Magazines get cleaned same as guns. Carry magazines should be rotated out a couple times a year too.

#24- Don't buy more guns, learn to use the ones that you own. Then buy another gun. ;-) (I added that last part for my friends in the business)

#25- someone that knows how to use a "pocket .380" is much more dangerous than someone that has the $10,000 custom "death-dealer" used as a holster decoration.

#26- "At every opportunity, practice perfectly because soon whatever you do will become permanent."

#27- Never share a foxhole with someone braver than yourself and do not hang out with people that carry fewer firearm(s) than yourself, certainly in smaller calibers. (or carry plastic pistols, but Im still thinking about this one.)

#28- Always check the backseat

#29- When I see bear tracks, I look for bears. Bears will kill you same as trains.

#30- "the more you expose yourself from behind cover the less you think of yourself." Brandi Taylor Greenfield went on to say "Tactical Modesty"! Well said...Well said indeed.

#31-The difference between defensive weaponcraft and competitive shooting is the same difference between finding yourself in the middle of a gunfight against 10 armed aggressors and finding yourself in the middle of a gunfight against 10 armed aggressors on "Modern Warcraft." (Or whatever it's called.)

#32 Every bullet hits a target! Getting it to hit the target you need is your responsibility.

#33 Be wary of the person willing to say "oh don't worry, it's not loaded."

#34 If you're in a fight for your life and you're not cheating, reevaluate why you're fighting. Quickly.

#35 Straying from and compromising sound doctrine to achieve a personal goal is close to insanity

#36 Parking garages, late at night, are a lot like The Serengeti. Keep your head up.

#37 A wise one indeed looks inside the convenience store before entering.

#38 No matter what's happening or how you get there, you still need a proper presentation to get the job done. Don't let all the other junk distract you from the job at hand. If "stuff" still distracts you when you're trying to shoot, you're not practicing the right stuff.

#39 "clickable" is fixable

#40 "Run, hide, and fight" means move, find cover, and prepare to deploy. It is defending the impending offense.

#41 Find 'em before they find you.

#42 You don't have to be fast, just don't be last