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Outstanding class! Eric is an excellent instructor and has a tremendous approach to teaching the mindset. Well worth the investment. Nothing like learning from the best!


Dean is a true professional and a gentlemen. His weapons knowledge is unmatched. If your looking for a weapons course this is your place! CJ

Excellent course this weekend with The Bulwarks. Eric did an awesome job at mentoring my mindset on self defense and improving my weapon system manipulation skills; while reacting, communicating, and moving within a group. The professionalism, attitude, and feedback where on point. Really enjoyed the education, the company, and good living.


Eric and the Bulwarks team are top notch, recommend to anyone wanting to improve their craft. SS

Just got done with the 2 day Foundations of Self Defense Pistol course hosted by Raven Defense taught by Eric Dean. He is a great instructor, stand up guy, and all around joy to be around. Learned alot and plan to learn more from him in the future. Thanks for the awesome 2 days Eric. Stay yellow.


Just finished a Class with James Eric Dean and wanted to let everyone no we went through a two day Instructor's class and Got the chance to watch and learn as he gave a class on ccdw and was very much impressed at Eric's teaching. Would recommend any one in Eric's area to look him up. Thanks, T.D.

I took the first 16 hour Defensive handgun class this weekend. Instructors Jesse and Eric are professionals with the heart of a teacher. This is an awesome class covering a wide range of topics. Range time included learning the fundamentals of drawing and shooting a concealed weapon, clearing malfunctions, shooting from cover, shooting while moving, shooting with one hand, and much more. lots of drills to reinforce what you are taught. Safety was top priority for the entire class. I will definitely be taking more classes.


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Top level training. You more than get your money's worth. Novice to experienced shooters will benefit from instruction here. Would highly recommend.


Finished my third class with Eric last weekend. The KISS approach he takes to teaching a defensive approach is easy for anyone to follow and understand. The shooting mechanics taught are easy to grasp and quick to implement. I would recommend Eric's instruction to shooters of all skill levels.


Top of the line instructor, if you want to really learn, here it the place to go. First rate instruction, organized, interested in building student knowledge. Could not ask for any better, in over 20 years in law enforcement, some of the best instruction I have attended. MG

I'm in my 50's and have taken many classes. The Bulwarks approach to information exchange is second to none. They don't just teach information, they lead good guys/gals thru what's truly important in a LoD situation and patiently work you thru the bumps till you get it right.. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.


Just wanted to take a minute to reflect on our experience with Eric at his Castle Defense I course this past weekend.

Eric is an excellent instructor. He keeps his instruction concise, without over complication, and creates an environment that is safe, welcoming and instructional for everyone, regardless of skill level coming into the course.

The material was extremely helpful, fundamental tactics and how to execute them. We also covered a short introduction to trauma response (how to apply a tourniquet, dressing/packing a wound, etc. This material was eventually worked into our live fire drills, as a mistake in tactics would earn you a "wound" that you and your teammate would have to deal with in addition to the threats in the drill.

It was a lot of information, and I think Eric did an absolutely excellent job and pushing us just past our comfort zone, into the area where you really are able to grow yourself. Most important to this, was maintaining safety at all times.

We covered a lot in this course, and at a very brisk pace. It was excellent though, because it exposed all of the weaknesses that you may not have been as concerned with prior to class. Something as simple as TRB becomes much more difficult when you're moving, communicating with your teammate, knowing the status of the treats in the room/area, being aware of your trigger finger/muzzle, knowing your rifle and pistol's status, knowing your teammates status (firing, reloading, jammed, etc), and potential having to deal with an injury all at the same time. Very enlightening, and certainly the eye opening experience to push yourself to continually focus on the fundamentals when at the range 'casually'.

We covered moving forward, backward, left and right while engaging targets, we did a marksmanship 'test' about halfway through day 2, covered 'leap frogging' our teammates, working in a 'glass house' to learn doorway entry, marksmanship (with a 'reactive' drop target - which was very cool, and also very insightful as to the true nature of how small the 'vital' area is on a threat).

We also had a lot of 'sidebar' conversations while refilling magazines and hydrating. Conversations about gear and setup, tactics, etc etc. These were very helpful and personal, great little snippets of information could be picked up not only from Eric, but by our outstanding classmates with a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields.

I really can't say enough good. It was made even better by the fact that my wife actually said she had fun at the class! She has always shot guns, but never really enjoyed it. Eric did an excellent job making her comfortable to the point where she could drop her self doubt and get out there and really make things happen. I am very proud of her, and I am very thankful to Eric for creating such a welcoming environment where people of varying skillsets and mindsets can become very effective at the material he taught.

I'm already checking the calendar for another class for us to take together.

Carry on sir, and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. We took back a lot of info, and spent a long time talking about how we intend to apply it to our specific home tactics. We have a lot of areas of opportunity to grow our tactical competence, but this class was an excellent intro to tactics, it gave us a great foundation to build safe and effective scenario plans from. We have a lot of work to do and practice time to put in, but now we can go forward with knowledge and work smart about our defense strategy.

Will be back again soon - and thanks again Eric!

-K. Bloomer

If you carry a firearm (tool) for personal protection, I encourage you to challenge yourself and learn to use said tool properly. Eric is an excellent coach that truly wants people to learn and grow. My words express my personal experience with Eric's teaching. "The truly educated never graduate.". Challenge yourself and learn from the best...TK

Had a great day with James Eric Dean and his team. Great job of teaching and really appreciate the patience and time they took with each student. Highly recommend to anyone looking at taking a conceal carry class. MM

I highly recommend The Bulwarks, it is a great outfit and the instructors (James Eric Dean of The Bulwarks, and Jesse Ordunez of Raven Defense) are top notch excellent gentlemen to learn from. I loved every minute of it, and could tell that everyone else that was at the class was enjoying and learning from it as well. I learned a lot and I will continue to practice what The Bulwarks has taught me.