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Take The "S.T.E.A.M." Test!

  1. Is your product SAFE?
    1. Does the product keep you or others safe?
      1. i.e. does the holster point in an unsafe direction?
    2. Does the training violate any of Cooper's Universal Firearm Safety Rules?
  2. Is what you are doing, or considering purchasing "tactically" sound?
    1. Does it simplify processes, or does it over complicate it?
  3. Does the equipment serve any purpose beyond making the manufacture money?
    1. Does the light work?
    2. Does the holster hold the pistol properly?
    3. Does OC spray work? Have you tested it?
  4. What is your attitude?
    1. Are you willing to do it?
    2. Have you practiced doing "it" until you are confident enough?
    3. Are you morally and legally justified in doing "it"?
  5. Can you take the shot with confidence? Are you a marksman?

Safety is the defining factor of "The Survival Chain". It tempers and sets limitations how you use tactics, set-up your gear and equipment, guides your attitude, and determines marksmanship. Click the links to the left (or above for mobile users) to read more....